Want to take part in bringing a new Kimchi Kawaii product to life? Or want to see the journey other products took? Here, you'll find Kickstarters past and present along with links to the original campaigns and the option to get your own Kimchi Kawaii product.


Chinese Lion and Dragon Plush

Inspired by my love of the playful Chinese Lion dancers and the beautiful dragons seen at celebrations, this campaign hopes to fund plush production of these designs. The project ended March 6, 2018 with the Lion fully funded. Once funds clear, we expect to have plush out to backers by September.


Kimchi Kawaii Enamel Pins Project

This campaign combines the cuteness of Punny Buns and Purrista Pawfee. Backers helped fund an amazing 10 different designs as 1.5", hard enamel pins. Pins are currently in production, but will be added to the shop in about a month.


In March, 2017, I launched a very short, 7-day campaign to fund the Kittea plush. Kittea has been very popular as a 2D design from the start and fans wanted a fully huggable version. We fully funded in one amazing week.

Want a Kittea of your own?

Cinnamon Bun & Peanut Bunny & Jelly

March, 2017 saw the second Punny Buns plush Kickstarter. This time, fans helped bring two of my largest-to-date plush to life - Cinnamon Bun and Peanut Bunny and Jelly.

Bring home a Punny Bun!


Torta Shell & Mewcarons

In September 2016, I launched the second Purrista Pawfee Kickstarter. This one featured my chocolate cake cat - Torta-shell (play on the words 'tortoiseshell', a fur pattern on cats and 'torta', the Spanish and Italian word for 'cake'). Stretch goals were the remaining two Mewcarons. All pulled through and funded in about a month!

Catpuccino & Friends

January 2016 was the launch of my most successful Kickstarter to date, the first Purrista Pawfee project. This one featured Catpuccino. By the time the Kickstarter was over, backers had also unlocked the Biskitti, Danish Pawstry, and Pink Mewcaron. Funding ended at over 200%

Take home one of these cuddly kitties!

Honey Bun & Hamburger Bun

The Punny Buns had their Kickstarter debut, March 2015. Honey Bun led the pack with Hamburger Bun and a manufactured version of my Steamed Bun as stretch goals. All funded within the 30-day time period.

Honey Bun is currently sold out, and supplies are low on Hamburger Bun. However, I do have other Punny Bun items.