My name is Holly Guenther and I’m the artist and owner behind Kimchi Kawaii. In 2008, I launched under the name Soy Happy with a single print on demand shop and no idea what I was doing other than that I wanted to sell my art to a wider audience than I could reach just in my town. About a year in, I changed the name to Kimchi Kawaii to better represent what my brand was all about – a Korean girl doing Japanese ‘kawaii’ (cute) inspired art.


Since then, the brand has expanded in products and selling venues. In 2011, I sold at my first artist alley (Fanime Con in San Jose, CA). 2014 saw plush added to my line up, both hand crafted and then manufactured. I'm constantly looking for more ways to bring my ideas to life through new designs and products.


All my designs are 100% original ideas and all cute. I love puns and witty word play. Ideas will strike me at any time and my hope is that people can get as much laughter and enjoyment out of my designs as I get creating them. I travel to anime cons and events around the country so check out the events page to see if I’m headed your way!

Authorized Sellers of Kimchi Kawaii Products

Due to rampant art theft of my designs, I’m making a list that will be updated as I add new sellers. These locations and only these locations are officially selling my artwork. If you suspect copyright infringement of my designs, please email me at info(at)kimchikawaii.com and I’ll look into it. Thank you!

Official Kimchi Kawaii owned shops beyond this site:

Authorized resellers (physical locations and conventions):